LAN Project (Local Area Network), 2016
Art exhibition, Music Festival

LAN Project (Local Area Network)
Art exhibition and music festival series.

Curated and produced by
Melanie Gonzalez Art and Tyler PSwitch Dow.

LAN Project was exhibited at the Bronx Music Heritage Center, June-July 2016, in partnership with BxArts Factory and WHEDco.

The art exhibition presented works of millennials from diverse creative backgrounds: photography, moving image, sculpture, painting, drawing, installation and live performance.

The featured artists thrive and work from different NYC neighborhoods in various scenes celebrating how we undergo rapid change and adapt to technological advancements.

The month-long exhibition closed out with the LAN Mind Fest.

Featured Visual Artists:
McKenzie Angelo - Installation
Mr. Ayobe - Video
Kara Yancey - Drawing
Kate You Hyun Jang - Painting
Hassan Malik - Photography
Melanie Gonzalez - Photography
Tyler PSwitch Dow - Installation / Performance

Featured LAN Mind Fest Performers:
Juan Sk!ttlez Ortiz
Grace the Enemy
Tommy Versailles
DJ Bembona

Installation photos by Melanie Gonzalez
Exhibition opening and
LAN MIND Fest/Closing reception
photos by
Ignacio Soltero
James Nova
Hassan Malik