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Modeling at the first ever Bronx Fashion Week?! - BTS with designs of NYNE | NYC

If you've navigated through my website or seen my work anywhere you can probably guess... I'm a photographer. A videographer. An overall artist who dabbles in self-portraiture on occasion. Not a runway model. But this past weekend, accidentally, I was that too.

This past Friday (9/5/14) I arrived at the inaugural Bronx Fashion Week 2014 on Grand Concourse at the Andrew Freedman Home thinking nothing much, other than that it was really really humid out. Until. Within 15 minutes of arrival I was bra-less, getting my hair done, and in one of Jesenia Lopez's garments from her SS15 capsule collection for NYNE | NYC.

Let's rewind? I arrived to greet my friend and fellow Bronx artist Eliot Ray who after us both randomly spotting Big Ang of the Mob Wives (insert pictorial evidence below!) introduced me to Lopez, who was with her models rushing and hemming and fitting garments. I congratulated her and her models on being featured in tonight's show and in the same breath she looked at me wide eyed and asked if I was here to model. Wait. What? After saying that I was there as a guest she asked me if I would be willing to walk for her and what my shoe size was. While being shocked and confused and excited I said sure and proceeded to change. Walk? Like a catwalk type of walking? Yes. I'm sure every woman has dreamed of walking down a runway with cameras and undivided attention, but most of us don't actually pursue it. However I'm the type of person to say yes to any opulent opportunity and learn to do it later, which is exactly what happened that night.

As we were in the waiting area, I was trying to relive every episode of 'Top Model'  I've

ever watched trying to remember 
something that would help and thinking to myself What the f*%k did this night turn into?! The models walking for Lopez were gorgeous and helpful to me but nervous - in the hour I had been at this event I went from spectator to model and didn't have the time  to nurture nervousness, I was still shocked from my hair being tightly brushed into a huge bun at the front of my head. And I was very sweaty.

With over 200 seats sold out and 17 designers showcasing their collections, this was a huge night for The Bronx art scene-- but hold on it was our turn to walk now! So I went, cameras flashing and recording, and catching glimpses of people's eyeballs. I actually wasn't uncomfortable but swearing under my breath things along the lines of Is this sh%t really happening?  WTF.  I walked back behind the stage happy but still very confused and had celebratory hugs, high fives, and compliments. Later on that night walking with Eliot we gossiped about the event, having watched a taping of Mob Wives, and I thought of how random this Friday turned out to be.

It wasn't until I saw THIS picture below the next morning taken by Morris Perk's social media page that I realized this really f*%king happened!! There was no denying it, I was walking down a catwalk and I was actually seen. This weekend's fashion shows were monumental moments for The Bronx and the Uptown fashion and art scene and I felt accomplished having attended the event let alone being in it. I thank Jesenia Lopez for having me and for the lovely Andrew Freedman Home for hosting the event. And that's all she wrote!

Photo courtesy of Morris Perk (BX Cafe + Art Gallery). Seeing this I was all "...Tell me it's real, this feeling that we feel.... ♫"

Photo courtesy of Morris Perk (BX Cafe + Art Gallery). Seeing this I was all "...Tell me it's real, this feeling that we feel....♫"