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Rodriguez Gonzalez Bainbridge Collaborations

Rodriguez Gonzalez Bainbridge is the Bronx-based collaborative of Yelaine Rodriguez, Melanie Gonzalez and Benton C Bainbridge. The artists make mixed media, installations and performances at the intersection of wearable art, performance art and media art.
The Bronx collaborative’s works and performances have shown at American Museum of Natural History’s One Step Beyond, Wave Hill, and Longwood Art Gallery. Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge will show Ezili Dantor with Andrew Freedman Home at Art Decentralized – The World of Distributed Masterpieces, in conjunction with Art | Basel Miami Beach 2018.

Yelaine Rodriguez is an Afro-Dominican-American Artist, Educator, and Curator; recipient of the Van Lier Fellowship in Wave Hill 2018 and a Fellow from the Caribbean Cultural Center of the African Diaspora 2017. Her work has been exhibited at Rush, Longwood Art Gallery, The Clemente Gallery, BRAC, Wave Hill, Centro Cultural de España, & Centro Cultural Leon Jimenez biennial in the Dominican Republic. Melanie Gonzalez is an interdisciplinary Photographer and Video/Film Artist. She has shown works at venues such as Soho Playhouse, Medianoche New Media Gallery & Digital Film Studio, Concourse House, The Clemente Gallery, Bronx Music Heritage Center, Kinfolk 94, DROM, Secret Project Robot, and others. Benton C Bainbridge creates media art, performances, and installations with custom digital, analog, and optical A/V systems. Bainbridge applies the frameworks of music, dance, plastic arts and decentralization tech to moving pictures. He has a “high touch” approach to media art; Bainbridge’s artworks are handmade pixel paintings.

Rodriguez Gonzalez Bainbridge will premiere Ezili Dantor, a digital video portrait of the Haitian loa. Andrew Freedman Home Creative Director Walter Puryear will present four works by AFH Artists in Residence and speak on the Digital Art & Collectibles Panel in this conference presented by Light Node Media for Miami Art Week.

WATCH: Ezili Dantor at Miami Art Week: Art Decentralized

Yelaine Rodriguez with Melanie Gonzalez, Alexandra Muñoz, Benton C Bainbridge: Maman Brigitte in Cuba

in Swing Forward While Swaying Back
Longwood Gallery | 450 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451 | October 3 – December 5, 2018
Finissage and Performance: December 5, 6 to 8 PM

In this group exhibition curated by Amanda McDonald Crowley, six Bronx artists envision alternate futures through collaborative installations that provocatively and poetically challenge their audiences. Yelaine Rodriguez continues her series of wearable artworks and collaborations with Melanie Gonzalez, Alexandra Muñoz and Benton C Bainbridge with another painterly video portrait of the loa. Maman Brigitte was shot in Cuba by Muñoz and performed and edited by Gonzalez with image processing by Bainbridge. Rodriguez, Gonzalez and Bainbridge will perform real-time media remix of the work with Gina Goico as Maman Brigitte for the closing reception on December 5 between 5:30 and 8:30 PM.

Maman Brigitte Activation: We Are Here, Because You Were There, Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, Bronx, NY, 2018
Conceptual design/sculpture by Yelaine Rodriguez
Cinematography and Video Projection visuals by Melanie Gonzalez
Media Design by Benton C Bainbridge
’Maman Brigitte' performed by Gina Goico.

Maman Brigitte: We Are Here, Because You Were There, Costume Design and Series by Yelaine Rodriguez
‘Maman Brigitte in Cuba’ performed by Melanie Gonzalez, Photographs by Alexandra Muñoz, 2017

Rodriguez Gonzalez Bainbridge - Ezili Dantor at Wave Hill, 2018

Yelaine Rodriguez: Ezili Dantor, Freedom and the African Diaspora: We are here, because you were there, 2018
with Melanie Gonzalez (photographer, cinematographer, editor) and Benton C Bainbridge (camera, image processing)
>> Wave Hill Sunroom Project Space <<
West 249 Street and Independence Avenue, Bronx, NY 10471
September 8-October 21, 2018

NewYork Community Trust Van Lier Fellow Yelaine Rodriguez creates an installation of wearable art, video and photography-a project developed during Wave Hill’s 2018 Winter Workspace. A Bronx-based, Afro-Dominican-American artist, Rodriguez sources syncretic religious traditions found in African diasporic communities, such as Voodoo and Santeria, to conceptualize wearable art and costume design. These are activated when worn by people whom she imagines to possess the characteristics of specific deities in a performance video. Her project features Ezili Dantor, a figure associated with the Black Madonna, the Infant Jesus and self-liberated African slaves. Rodriguez employs religious symbols to investigate the meaning of freedom, drawing connections between black culture in the Caribbean and the United States.

WATCH: Ezili Dantor at Wave Hill

Organized by Eileen Jeng Lynch, the Sunroom Project Space provides an opportunity for New York-are emerging artists to develop a site-specific project to exhibit in a solo show. Installation photos by Stefan Hagen.

Yemaya Activation at American Museum of Natural History,
One Step Beyond 10th Year season finale, 2017

"Yemaya: 'We Are Here, Because You Were There'"
Media art and Performance collaboration with Yelaine Rodriguez, Melanie Gonzalez, and Benton C Bainbridge.

Performed at the American Museum of Natural History, NY, NY at the 10th Year Season Finale of One Step Beyond.

Live Video Projection Visuals by Melanie Gonzalez with original footage from The Bronx, Dominican Republic, Haití and Nevada.

Photo by Mr. Ayobe

Photo by Mr. Ayobe

Performer - Dada Coz
Concept and Costume Design - Yelaine Rodriguez
Live Video Projection Visuals - Melanie Gonzalez Art
Media Design - Benton C Bainbridge
Makeup Artistry - Laura Moya Beauty

Installation presented at:
with TOKiMONSTA, Obey City, and Photay, June 2017.

Film produced by MGA Studio:
Director / Editor - Melanie Gonzalez
Documentation - Mr. Ayobe
Live Image Processing - Benton C Bainbridge
Additional Image Processing - Enayet Kabir
Consulting Editors - Pablo Gonzalez, Jacqui Kuraj
Sound Design - Pablo Gonzalez
Engineering / Mixing - Bars Young Black
Song “Beacon Demo” - Val Inc.