BLACK IS US photo-graphic series, 2018

Black Is Us is a collaborative project with Artist Yelaine Rodriguez.
As the photographer for this series, I produced black and white portraits of contemporary artists, activists, writers and dancers from the pan-African Caribbean diaspora in New York City.

These portraits were later combined with the subject’s flag re-interpreted in the colors of the Pan African flag inspired by Marcus Garvey. The series title is influenced by The Last Poets poem “Black Is”, The Black Panther Party, and The Young Lords Party.

These images serve as both an homage to those that came before us who allowed the next generation a better future and to celebrate these individuals who are paying it forward with a particular attention to the advancement of people of color.

Debuted at the 27th Concurso de Arte Eduardo Leon Jimenes, Museo Centro de Leon, Santiago, Republica Dominicana.

Graphic Design and Concept - Yelaine Rodriguez
Art Photography - Melanie Gonzalez
Additional support by Ezequiel Taveras, Jacqui Kuraj and The Loisaida Center.

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